Take time and cost out of finding the right track

Automatically edits an existing original music track directly to a brief.

MXX Audition Pro enables anyone to edit music against video with intensity rises, fades, dropouts and climax points, load any track, and immediately listen to the edited track.

Audition Pro is the only adaptive auditioning software and it will re-define how to find and select music for video. By creating re-usable brief templates and having the software cut tracks to a video, Audition Pro takes much of the time and cost out of the music-to-video process.


Music Editing

Music Editing

“Give me a track that sounds like ____.”

Catalogue Services

MXX provides managed services to leading commercial libraries, music services, game makers and content studios who need original music to be more findable and adaptive in today’s rapidly changing digital environment.

Widen distribution
and increase
music license sales

Annotation Services

We encode licensed commercial music for full MXX functionality. Encoded libraries can be made available to music supervisors and professional content creators using MXX Audition Pro. The expanding AuditionPro user base of music supervisors and agencies provides a tremendous touchpoint opportunity for music distributors.

Bend music
to your will

MXX Licensing and Integration

MXX-adaptive music encoding can be licensed and integrated into 3rd party applications and music-driven experiences.

MXX encoding unlocks a world of flexibility for original music inside gaming environments, digital and interactive promotions, content production, and cinema soundtracking.

About MXX

MXX was founded in 2015 in an artificial intelligence lab.

MXX is wholly unique in its ability to automate seamless audio editing for existing music. This true piece of patented innovation opens up a world of new ways to use music inside the increasingly evolving world of professional and personal videos.

MXX Adaptive Music Encoding presents a new future for music, one where people can interact and change their experience based on shifting needs, attention opportunity and current situation.



Joe Lyske
CEO and Co-founder

Joe Lyske is accomplished in fields including artificial intelligence and film composition. Joe has a PhD in AI, and an Advanced Masters in Composition for Screen from the Royal College of Music.  

As CEO and Co-founder of MXX Music he has invented and patented several core technologies for composing and editing music. Joe’s PhD work addressed the meta-creation of film scores at Queen Mary, University of London, and involved work with the Digital World and Image Group at Georgia Tech.

Philip Walsh

Philip is a founder of Time Machine Capital, an investment company focused on accelerating and capturing IP around applied artificial intelligence technologies. Previously, Philip was the CEO of SimplexGTP, a financial services consulting firm which Philip transformed into a leading SaaS platform. Simplex GTP also became a key SWIFT partner and provider of hosted SWIFT services. In 2013 he engineered the sale of the company for more than $100m USD.

Vincent Akkermans
Partner, Lead Technologist

Vincent leads technology development for MXX. As a PhD researcher Vincent has worked on academic, commercial and artistic projects relating to music technology, audio analysis and 3D rendering. His expertise is machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data mining and visualization.

Vincent is the lead architect for FinQL, an artificially intelligent computer language. Vincent’s academic research investigates the narration of creative processes and is based in the Cognitive Science Group, Computational Creativity Lab of Queen Mary, University of London. He holds a Masters in Music Technology from the Utrecht School of the Arts.

David Summers
Partner, Design

David leads product strategy and design for MXX.  Previously, he was vice president of design strategy for the acclaimed firm Ammunition, contributing to numerous successful product launches and studio awards. Throughout a career in product and brand innovation, David has worked closely with leaders at Starbucks, Kohler, Autodesk, Chevron, Barnes and Noble, UBS, plus numerous entrepreneurs. David holds a Masters of Science in Linguistics from Georgetown University.

Nadine Kroher
MIR Resarcher

Nadine’s PhD in Applied Mathematics specialises in machine learning and pattern recognition for content-based music analysis.  Her work at MXX addresses the challenging tasks of structural segmentation and pattern discovery in music. Nadine also holds  a BSC and MSc in Electrical and Audio Engineering, a further MSc in Sound and Music Computing, and is a former employee of the Music Technology Group, Pompeu Fabra University, where she worked on audio analysis, pattern recognition, and machine learning. Occasionally, she composes abstract electro-acoustic music and designs electronic music instruments. 

Ken Lythgoe
Head of Business Development

Ken handles MXX customer and partner relationships. He has introduced a number of innovative technologies into the UK as well as the sales models, competencies and processes while building brands, relationships and sales revenues for start-ups in new, existing and emerging markets around the world in b2b fintech, telecoms and SaaS applications.

Ken was responsible for the first m-payments deployments in the UK. At RingGo, he secured joint venture, national account and local authority wins across the UK both directly and through local government competitive tender process for the ‘parking by phone’ service.


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