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Take time and cost out of sourcing and auditioning the right track

Coming early 2018

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Change the brief and the track re-edits itself to match

Automatically edits an existing original music track directly to a brief.

MXX Audition Pro is the only adaptive auditioning software. Create your brief, give Audition Pro an MXX-encoded track, and listen to that same track edited to your brief. If you edit your brief, Audition Pro can re-edit the track. Instantly.

Music Editing

“Give me a track that sounds like ____.”

Catalogue Services

MXX provides managed services to leading commercial libraries, music services, game makers and content studios who need original music to be more findable and adaptive in today’s rapidly changing digital environment.

Widen distribution
and increase
music license sales

Annotation Services

We encode licensed commercial music for full MXX functionality. Encoded libraries can be made available to music supervisors and professional content creators using MXX Audition Pro. The expanding AuditionPro user base of music supervisors and agencies provides a tremendous touchpoint opportunity for music distributors.

Bend Music
to Your Will

MXX Licensing and Integration

MXX-adaptive music encoding can be licensed and integrated into 3rd party applications and music-driven experiences.

MXX encoding unlocks a world of flexibility for original music inside gaming environments, digital and interactive promotions, content production, and cinema soundtracking.

About MXX

MXX was founded in 2014 in an artificial intelligence lab.

The letters MXX come from the original project ID Mashtraxx, and evolved into the MXX Adaptive Music Format.

MXX is wholly unique in its ability to automate seamless audio editing for existing music. This true piece of patented innovation opens up a world of new ways to use music inside the increasingly evolving world of professional and personal videos.


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MXX is based in Knightsbridge, London.


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