Sit in the director’s chair

Now, anyone can simply edit music against video with intensity rises, fades, dropouts and climax points.

The first artificially intelligent music editor that works on the stereo file. No stems required.

MXX Audition Pro adapts the musical narrative to the brief just like a professional music editor.

Simply drag and drop your brief onto the timeline. Beds, intensity rises, fades, dropouts and climax points – tell the AI what you want and it instantly edit it to match your brief. You’ll know immediately if the track matches your soundtrack vision.

Access great music

Today’s leading libraries are excited to work with MXX as it represents a much-needed step change for the digital music format. MXX Audition Pro makes sourcing and getting to final music faster and easier than ever.

Connect to your favorite libraries using ready your existing account(s), or pay for licenses directly through Audition Studio.  When licensing an MXX track, you receive the full track and the AI-edit ready to import into the DAW of your choice,


Audition side-by-side

Compare tracks side-by-side, each edited to your brief by the AI.


Save your briefs

Any brief can be saved and become a starting point for another video.


Works with any music track

Have a track you want encoded for AI-auditioning? Upload it and we’ll encode it and add it to your saved tracks.

Works on-the-fly

Audition Pro is great for individuals content creators and teams. Use MXX Audition Pro live in meetings to test ideas and accelerate content production teams. Audition Pro helps music and content teams work faster and smarter.



MXX is based in central London, near Waterloo Station


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